I have used fabric as a medium in the past but it is not something I feel overly confident using. However I thought it was fundamental in the creation of my piece and I wanted to experiment with it in order to broaden my skills.

I started by selecting the fabric I would use. I chose two black fabrics, one more flowing and the other nylon. I knew I wanted to create an Art Nouveau design in my fabric that would be used in my final outcome for this project. Below is my personal Art Nouveau pattern design which I have drawn through exploring this movement. The design incorporates both floral and organic patters and linear and curved lines, all distinguishable elements of Art Nouveau.


Next I cut this design out in paper that I could pin onto my fabric so that it was flexible and easy to manipulate.

WP_20141109_007 WP_20141109_008 WP_20141109_011

I then cut the piece out of my fabric. This stage was where I started to encounter problems. The fabric was flimsy and hard to manipulate and some of the lines I cut out were not as clean as I would have liked, then my fabric started to fray. I tried to overcome this by sewing all the way around the edge but my fabric started to bunch together and tangle and lost its bouncy element that it had contained before. Seeing this was not working, I decided to use nail varnish as a stopper for the fraying, it worked well but was time consuming and complexed. With the exhibition looming, I knew I needed to rethink my concept and medium.

IMG_3418 edit IMG_3420 edit IMG_3421

I am so glad I got to challenge myself and use fabric. Even though this experiment failed physically, in my eyes I know it is a medium I will go back to in the future. I enjoyed everything about this process and I want to improve my skills in textiles. It is something I may look at using on my next studio project.


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