During the course of the last week, I have been drowning in ideas and thoughts and for that reason I have been doubting somewhat my capabilities for this exhibition piece. The time limit has been a big struggle for me and I have doubted what I can achieve in such a short space of time.

However I feel I have overcome a lot of the stress I have had by talking to my peers and the people around me who have both critisised and given me great advice concerning my concept and ideas. I have really appreciated being surrounded by a group of people who can give me more confidence in my ideas.

From this I have formulated a lot of new thoughts and views towards my piece. My next move is to have a talk with my tutor about my idea and make sure I am on the right track for my exhibition piece.

After my tutorial with Hannah, my ideas have been formulated into a much simpler piece. I feel the piece I am now going to create has much more effect visually due to its minimisation on my once complexed concept.


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