My final piece is a minimalised version of all my ideas previously which I have been studying throughout my project. I wanted to encompass my three key words: intricacy, elegant and repetition, and it was also important to me that I paid particular attention to Art Nouveau.

This is my design for my final piece.

IMG_3432 edit

Although I changed my mind a lot about the final design of my installation, I am incredibly happy with how it turned out. I know there are several ways I could improve it. Due to the constraints of using the laser cutter, I decided to use paint covered paper as my material. Firstly I feel my design would have been bolder in perspex or matboard just to have a stronger, sturdier structure and therefore impact. Saying this the paper design did turn out positive, it retained both its shape and structure. However I do wonder the effect would have been more powerful had I used a more robust material or even black card.

I also feel I should have experimented further with my structure material as I may have found something that takes paint easier than wood. I spent a lot of time painting my wood which I feel I could have avoided had I had made a concrete choice of idea earlier on in the project and saved an allotted time for experimentation. This could also be said for the bonding of my wood, I am unsure whether a stronger bond could have been created through the use of a hammer and nails, or an alternative type of glue.

When I got to the exhibition space I had exactly in mind how I wanted my piece to sit. However the space could not quite accommodate this. For me this presented a stressful situation but a real life challenge. Along with this my structure has also been broken in the underground on the way to the space so I had the added task of fixing that. After finding a suitable hanging area, it took me and a small team of people an hour to place the structure in a sturdy position. Although the final placement was not at all what I had envisioned it looked really great!  The invisible thread that I had used to hold up my structure added a lot to my final piece as it

This is the outcome in the final exhibition.


I think my piece fits in well with the overall exhibition. All the pieces looked very cohesive together and spoke to each other too. I felt that have a selection of different mediums worked to our advantage and once the show was hung I thought it had a professional look. The chance to exhibit in London was also a huge opportunity so I feel very lucky to have been able to do this ! It was a shame we could not have kept our pieces up for longer but just knowing that a piece of my work was shown in the capital is quite something. Overall I loved having this experience and I hope my next exhibition goes as well as it has this time.

Photos from the exhibition: 

WP_20141121_007 WP_20141121_011  WP_20141121_013 WP_20141121_014 WP_20141121_015 WP_20141121_018 WP_20141121_021



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