My exhibition idea is based around Art Nouveau patterns and installations, two of the main themes I have been studying in detail. All my ideas are in the medium of installation, something that I have never looked into before, it is for this reason that installation appealed to me as a way of creating a 3D spacial piece.

I knew in my piece I wanted to do something that hanged, it was for this reason my first two ideas used a hanging piece, made from a hoop that hung from the ceiling and from that hanging paper cut patterns and also pieces of fabric. I had my heart set on creating this idea, feeling it would ideally show light and shadow. I thought about using Arduino Technology to add a projection played by the touch of something on the installation. Although this idea would have been innovative and ideal, it just was not practical in terms of my confidence with coding. I would rather create something that I know I can do in both the time constraint and the unknowns of the exhibition location.

IMG_3423 edit

After understanding my constraints, I decided to simplify my idea and use light and a fan to compliment my installation rather than making it to difficult for myself and destroying my concept. During the trip to the Tate Modern, I found out that I could not hang from the ceiling therefore I came to a dead end concerning the display.

IMG_3424 edit IMG_3426 edit IMG_3425 edit

However I still wanted the hoop and pattern and also the use of fan so I thought about an alternative method of display. This involved three key ideas.

My first design used the floor as a surface. After seeing a range of floor installations at the Tate Modern visit, I was confident that this could be a success if done well.  After drawing a possible concept, I was not sure of how I could support the hoop so that it would stand up and on top of that not fall over due to the force of the fan. I thought about designing some laser cutting pieces that could fit in with my theme and be strong enough to hold it up. I did appreciate a lot this idea however I was not sure about the way it would look and I struggled to overall visalise it.

IMG_3427 edit


IMG_3429 edit

My next concept involved once again using the floor. The time I had the hoop parallel to the floor pushing the design up through the hoop by the force of the fan. This reminded me of a flower, especially if I would add fabric around the outside to create a petal. Due to this fabric both the fan and stands would be hidden. This idea appealed to me a lot, however I could still see it being a challenge that would require a lot of experimentation in the space. Due to my time scale, I was unsure of my capabilities and I would like to be positive about this idea in order to enhance my motivation for my piece.

IMG_3428 edit

After going to the Tate Modern and seeing Richard Tuttle’s The Weave of Textile Language, I was intrigued about the ways in which I could incorporate more fabric into my idea. Not only this I realized that my design was the most visually powerful when hanging. I knew the concept of hanging was the strongest outcome and I did not feel ready to give up on it yet. After talking to several people on both my course and other courses, I was suggested to use a clothes hanger. By using fabric to hide the object  I could create a visual window in which light could stream through. This would be enlightened by the use of a covered fan gently swaying the pieces to change the patterns on the wall. I could have the liberty to place the fan wherever I wished because the fabric could always cover it. Looking back on this idea later on I have decided it may look tacky and not produce the high quality piece that I want to create. I feel I need to experiment to form more concrete ideas.

IMG_3431 edit

I looked at hanging the hoop from the wall and draping black fabric behind it. However the installation would be dependent on a corner which I could not be sure of having. I needed my design to be flexible in order that wherever it was placed it would work as a piece.So I had to go back to the drawing board.

IMG_3430 edit

To rediscover my chosen frame, I wanted to use decoupage to cover both the top of the clothes rail and the hoop, enhancing one more my idea of Film Noir in terms of colour. A friend made reference to Grayson Perry and his pottery pieces that encompass photos.

In terms of dimension for my final piece, I would like it to have impact but not be too big. I felt the appropriate size for the cut pieces would be A1 size, a size I could fit in the laser cutter. I would like to use it to create my designs to make them stronger and more elegant. This would also be a good continuation from my workshop that I organised this week with Anna about how to use the laser cutter. Concerning the burning edges if there was any, I could paint the pieces in white to cover these.

The hoop would have 4 paper hangings and 4 fabric hangings on it. This would bring back my concept on the strength of repeated pattern and symmetry which I have found, through my findings, establishes a powerful visual image.

My aim for this piece is to incorporate what I have learnt about black and white image, the effects of this colour palette, to use my three key words and to bring into play my inspirations whilst trying out a new medium which I am not so confident in yet. I want my piece to be simple and effective and to be of visual interest to the spectator whoever that may be. The design can also be seen as interactive given that by using the clothes hanger we have the ability to view the piece from all angles.


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