On my recent trip to Paris, in parallel with my project, I took it upon myself to explore Art Nouveau in its capital through photography. I appreciate a lot the medium of photography and feel it could complement well my research for this project.

These are the strongest photos I have taken and also those that relate to Art Nouveau the most. I loved exploring the city and its patterns and it helped me to parallel the architecture with that of The Third Man.

This first photo was taken at the Grand Palais where the architecture in the entirety of the building is from the Art Nouveau period. This not only made it a beautiful piece of design in itself but the building holds such a structural force that creates a visual powerfulness. I felt this photo could not be missed, its design holds a strong inspiration for me.

Photo 1

This next shot caught my eye not only due to the interesting character we can observe in its centre but because of the patterns in the arches that I identify immediately as those of my chosen frame. I think the composition of my image is strong especially having an element that draws us in. The repeated pattern in my image also corresponds well to my ideas at the beginning of my project.

Photo 2

The lines both curved and straight in this drain are typical of the Art Nouveau style. My eye caught the repeated pattern and the elegancy of the design. These factors have influenced me a lot throughout my project and I enjoyed capturing such a simple design in what I see as an effective way.

Photo 3

These last two images are both apartments with Art Nouveau aspects on the balconies. I thought they were delicate and symmetrical patterns that brought the building to life. To add to this, iron is also the “material” of this period and it was interesting to see it presented as being elegant, not how we normally see iron.

Photo 4 Photo 5

Some of these photos we taken in colour but in line with the theme of this project, I knew they would look powerful and have a stronger impact in black and white. I really appreciated exploring photography as a medium in my project and I feel both technically and visually I have gained from this experience.


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