This 3D response to the brief was made a while after my initial 3D experiments. I used the same pattern that I used on my fabric work to see what else I could create. I cut out the design twice in white card and placed it upon my mat board in a abstract way. During my installation research I saw many responses to form, shape and line and it inspired me to look at a floor based 3D sculpture.

I was pleased with how it looked on paper but I was given the opportunity to take photographs of it in a tutorial with the photography technician Nicolo. During this tutorial I got the chance to photograph my sculpture, learn how to use the soft boxes and the lights, to set up my own “studio” in order to photograph my objects in the future. This was essential for me because I know it will come in useful at the end of the year when I want to photograph my work in a high quality way.

These are some of the photos I produced during this class. I chose to use the white background as I would bring out the shape and form of my 3D piece better than the white. For me it would be a stronger outcome.

I used Photoshop to enhance the black and white effect on my image to link in with my theme of Film Noir.

Alternative B+w Black and White

I then played around with my images using a colour filter to change the colour of my sculpture and then I used the invert tool to switch the white with black to see what kind of effect that would give.

Green Shape White and black

With the help of a photograph student, using Photoshop I have created a mirror image with my inverse designs. During this process I feel I have turned my photography into a design. I loved learning more about Photoshop and how that can change and transform my photographs. I know in the future I would love to learn more about Photoshop and the ways I can manipulate my artwork.

Super awesone cool image

Super awesone cool image the rebirth


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