Recently we had a talk by Garry Layden about a project he was working on with Fashion Design tutor Beverley Bothwell. The project is called Body Cut Space Cut Body and links the disciplines of Interior Architecture and Design with Fashion.

The project consists of cutting up a garment and piecing it back together in an alternative way therefore creating a space. The space could then be used as inspiration for both an interior idea or a building but also could be made into an alternative garment in the area of fashion. This idea interested me and since I was eager to have a go with fabric so I set about cutting up an old garment and creating something new with it. Seeing as though I did not have any glue, I sewed the pieces together. This was more time consuming that I previously had in mind therefore I did not use all of my cut pieces. At the end I tried to stuff the sculpture to give it a more 3D look, however it gave me a piece of leftover fabric so I sewed it around the top trying to make it look more in place.

IMG_3414 IMG_3416 IMG_3417

Although this exercise was a little more trying that I had previously expected, it gave me the chance to get back into sewing again. I found the task fun and enjoyable but also challenging and it gave me the opportunity to try something new. Even though I find my outcome quite funny and very alternative, it reminds me of a surrealist object and I feel I could play with its pattern to create my ‘something new’.


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