This weeks industry talk was more alternative than usual, there was only 40 places available so we had to sign up. The speaker came to talk to us from G.F Smith, a company that specialises in selling different types of paper that come from all over the world, based in London and work it the capital and its surrounding areas. When they say they have every kind of paper they really mean it, they have collected paper that contains gold, beer, and cotton!  These papers encompass a range of patterns and combinations. The clients are given a sample book to look at which corresponds to four other books which contain clearer samples. Book 1 contains the most popular papers and the papers that the company is known for, it also has the company’s own papers called Colour Plan which are made in the Lake District. Book 2 contains the whites, Book 3 the textures and book 4 the special papers such as the beer paper, rubber paper and soft touch paper.

G.F Smith is a very client based organisation, they work to the clients needs and standards in order to find exactly what they require for their project. Their aim is to add value to the designers work through the printing process. Their clientele includes McLaren, V&A Museum, Absolute Vodka and Stella McCartney.

G.F Smith produces 1 million pounds of marketing material each to promote their paper which is one of the reasons they are number one in the paper producing industry. They also have a popular online presence which adds to their success.

I really enjoyed this week’s talk, it was interesting to discover another kind of industry but also to discover the paper industry and what we can potentially use to bring our designs to life. I never realised there was so many types of paper available. It made me more interested in creating designs and creating advertising as I feel that we are not limited in our material use. Overall I am pleased I got to see this talk and also come away with a book and a sample which are a great reminder of the brand as a potential client!

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