This week I had my third and final Arduino session. Because I had done a lot of what we had done the previous week, I repeated the exercise to refresh my memory. I found it a lot harder this time, I could not get my head around the coding and I found the technology aspect complicated. However yet again I got to witness the capabilities of the Arduino and the kind of interactive art that I could possibly create.

This time I got to take some pictures of my Arduino and sculpture I had constructed in my Arduino week 2 class.

WP_20141106_001 WP_20141106_002

After having all three Arduino workshops, I feel although they were challenging, I have taken so much away from them in terms of the ways I can take my artwork. I need a lot more practice using the technology and getting to grips with the coding aspect. In the future I plan to use Arduino in my projects because I think it is very versatile and I could really incorporate in my art.


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