This week I had my first individual tutorial. Overall I had a really positive outcome, I talked through my research up until now and what I have achieved. I also discussed where I was going in terms of my final project and what I had in mind for the exhibition.

Hannah told me to explore further in depth Art Nouveau patterns and shapes and see what I can achieve using the laser cutter. I personally want to experiment with both paper and plywood, and I would be interested to see if I can use metal as well. I want to create an installation piece for my final outcome, Hannah encouraged me to explore further this medium by going to the library and pushing my research using analysis. My aim for the coming week is to book a session with Anna to refresh my memory of the laser cutter and how to use illustrator. I also want to find a context for my art piece and also play with my projection to find out what I would like to use in my final piece.




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