This weeks Industry Friday Talk was done by Bruno Bayley. Bayley is the UK editor for Vice magazine, a magazine which focuses mainly on popular interest topics, popular culture, insider news stories and also travel and fashion. Before becoming the UK editior Bayley completed a BAhons in Classics followed by a fast track postgraduate course in Journalism at London College of Communication.

Bayley obtained his first magazine internship whilst painting the house of the editor of Management Today where he asked for the placement. Following this he met the editor of Vice in a pub and he agreed to give Bayley a trial as an intern. Since then Bayley has been working his way up to become today’s UK editior.

Bayley explained to us exactly what he does at Vice and how Vice works as a magazine. The magazine gets all its content from New York, the first edition to be released each month,and that is the blueprint for the other national editions. These editions are tailored to suit each country but contain work from all offices. They have a target audience of 18-35 year olds and they distribute (for free as the magazine is funded through advertising) 78,000 copies per month all of which are printed in Poland. Recently Vice has started to have a strong online presence in which the articles are put online as well as in the hard copy. Bayley told us that Vice has come a long way in terms of content and accessibility, the look it has now is very different to the look it had 10 years ago and for Bayley this is a positive step. Bayley has to pay high attention to making the stories look good on the page. He uses a range of photographs and illustrations in order to enhance the stories. He says he sees a lot of photographers who show him their work with hopes to get it published in the magazine. He makes sure that the magazine is ready to be published and he makes decisions about the content.

Overall I really enjoyed this talk by Bruno Bayley. It opened my eyes to another kind of genre of work that involves art but in an entirely different way.  Although I am not sure it is something that I would be interested in doing, I thought the talk by Bruno Bayley was insightful and a really good choice of speaker, I am happy I attended.

Vice Website : http://www.vice.com/en_uk


Source image: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fichier:Vice-logo.jpg


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