I started out firstly by doing some basic research on art paper installation and came across the Canadian artist, Kristi Malakoff. I was really taken by her piece Maibaum which is a paper cutting installation that depicts children dancing around a maypole.The name Maibaum comes from the German for maypole.  It was created in 2009 and is made of black paper and black foam core and hardware, the pole is 18ft high in total.  I love the aesthetics of this piece and how it looks so precise in the environment it has been placed. The idea is really simple yet it is so intricate and delicate it looks as if it could break. The black on white makes the piece stand out and enhances the 3D installation.  I like the fact we can interact with this paper cut and walk around and through it. I was disappointed not to find more information on the installation as I would have been interested to find out what the artist’s thought process was.


(Source: http://www.kristimalakoff.com/Maibaum.html)


(Source: http://www.kristimalakoff.com/Maibaum%20%28detail%201%29.html)

Swoon – Art in the Streets – Ice Queen

I came across this art installation by chance and fell completely in love with it and immediately was overwhelmed with inspiration. Swoon is known mainly for her street art, but completed this 15ft tall mixed media sculpture as part of Art in the Street exhibited in the Museum of Contemporary Art in LA, the piece is called Ice Queen. The installation is a tent in which one can go inside and explore the intricate details. It casts both shadows and uses light to enhance its main features, it also plays with negative and positive space.

I love the way this sculpture looks and the way it plays with light and shadow. It looks really elegant especially with its black and white contrasting features. I think installations in which the viewer can interact are the way to go because I feel it brings in more the audience into the piece and encourages them to explore within  the piece itself.

This installation has inspired me to look at installation art and its capabilities and effect of the viewer.

copy_0_swoon_moca_01 copy_0_swoon_moca_02 copy_0_swoon_moca_06

(Source: http://www.designboom.com/art/swoon-art-in-the-streets-at-moca-los-angeles/)

Andy Singleton

Andy Singleton is a UK paper artist who works mainly in black and white. I was attracted to his work for its installation and illustration element. The patterns throughout his work are very organic and floral but striking and bold, in no way soft as we would imagine a composition for these elements. Just as Swoon does his piece plays with negative and positive space.

I really love his work as it incorporates both 2D and 3D aspects. His use of both thick and thin lines interest me and the shadows he creates are stunning. One of the pieces I looked at that caught my eye was “Dust Clouds in the Eagle Nebula”, I love the title and how it sums up so well the image. It really is a fantastic piece of art.

6a0120a8026eb3970b0133f31a8de2970b-450wi 6a0120a8026eb3970b0133f31a8e27970b-450wi 6a0120a8026eb3970b0134863df6c9970c-450wi

Source all images : http://www.handmakerofthings.com/2010/08/cut-paper-installation-by-andy-singleton.html



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