After working with paper in my first experiments, I really wanted to see where I could go with using paper as for me it brings into play my two key words, elegant and intricacy.

I first started looking at paper cutting in general to get an overall feel of what I appreciated in this art.

Suzy Taylor

The first artist I came across is called Suzy Taylor. Taylor creates 2D paper cuttings that are incredibly versatile, from her blog it is clear she takes inspiration from a wide range of sources and contexts.Taylor uses a craft knife as a way of cutting paper as opposed to a laser cutter which interests me as I did not think we could obtain such detail by just using a craft knife. All her designs are hand-drawn. Taylor does both exhibitions and commissions and works from home.

I really appreciate a lot her paper cutting, they are really stunning and so delicate and clearly have been done with extreme care. She uses a lot of florals and organic patterns which are present in Art Nouveau, the subject I have recently been studying.

IMG_20141006_125702 trebleclefcomplete

(Source all images: http://suzy-taylor.blogspot.co.uk/)

Xin Song

The next artist I looked into is Xin Song who also does paper cutting but she uses brightly coloured and patterned paper. I am upset that I could not find any information about the specific background of the pieces  i liked and not a lot of information about the artist. However I did find out that she takes inspiration from everyday affairs and current questions of the world, these come from the subject of “Current affairs, Political, War Health, Beauty, Fashion Population, Poverty, Luxury The Environment & the Beauty of Nature Modern Life & Technology Sex & Taboo.’ This is a very wide spectrum of  interests and I admire her passion for each of them. Xin Song considers each small piece of cutting and how it brings a message and connection from the world into her work. She works with magazines because she finds “importance and value” in them and how they mirror our world. I find it really interesting how she has such a strong background message to her work and I admire how well thought out her simplistic designs are.

(Source information and quote) :http://www.xinsong.com/#!about/cyr0)

Her piece called Transformation caught my eye whilst looking through her website.  I really love the floral design and even though my focus is not on colours but on black and white, I am still intrigued by the arrangement of this piece.

I could not take images and source them on my page so I have added a link to the piece I was intrigued about. http://www.xinsong.com/#!transformation/cea4

Elsa Mora

Mora is a fantastic paper cutting artist.  Again she has a floral element in some of her pieces which is something that caught my eye.  I think her capability to do both 2D and 3D is really strong and it makes her a versatile artist in this area. She know the right amount of colour, if any, to use when creating her designs to make them as stunning and bold as possible. I also have found out during my research that she uses lots of different mediums including painting and mixed media. I appreciated her narrative pieces too and how they came across in her paper cutting collection.

On her blog she shows off not only her own work but comments on other artist she enjoys and discovers. I love how she is doing this to show her research and she also adds her own work alongside this.

Art-is-a-Way Yellow-bee1



Source of all images and blog : http://www.artisaway.com/papercutting-2/




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