I wanted to explore the use of light in an art installation, in particular paper installations to see what kind of outcome I could expect when using these two elements  together.

I found that using a back light seemed to be a popular use of lighting. These lights were mixed with tissue paper and paper installations to give colour that shone through. Although this cuttings are stunning and are really aesthetic they are not the kind of thing that really interest me for this project, I would like to look more at using black and white and creating shadows.

Here is an example of the back light work I have been exploring.

This piece is by Hari and Deepti who use watercolour paper in a shadowbox to create their pieces. These are lit from behind by an LED light. I love the narratives that these lightboxes behold and I do appreciate a lot the intricacy and detail that has been put into this work. These are two factors that I would like to incorporate in my piece.

0031 0041

Source: http://vanesaquintia.tumblr.com/

Shortly after I came across this piece by Hanna Tuulikki called Nest. I found this piece of particular interest because it used light and shadow to create an image on the wall. This installation also used sound to enhance more senses. The sounds that were mainly animal and woodland sounds, mimicked the images that were projected on the wall. The images projected from two magic lanterns were reflected in mirrors to add another dimension to the piece creating “one reality into another”.

I personally feel this installation holds a lot of inspiration for me as an artist, now I have my heart set on creating an installation piece, I think that exploring this medium is highly important to obtain the outcome I want. What particularly caught my attention about this piece was its way to capture an audience but also its enhancement of the senses using both sounds and sight.

nest_11 nest_21

Source: http://www.hannatuulikki.org/portfolio/nest/

Even though this piece was quite far from what I have been exploring, I loved the theme and the shape of the installation. This installation named Shoal Collection was created by Scabetti, also known as English artists Dominic and Frances Bromley The idea behind the installation is the natural occurrence of fish gathering together to protect themselves from predators. Each fish is created firstly in clay and then in bone china. Due to the nature of the materials, the light allows each fish to radiate.  The installation has been recreated with glass and a gold material.

This piece intrigued me because it has an interesting background and thought process. It is not only a aesthetic installation but it also could be used as a light which makes it really versatile. The idea is really simple but so effective, especially in a era where were are looking more at alternative design. The outcome is visually stunning.

goldfish1 shoal368-glass-2 shoal1672_03

Source: http://www.enlightermagazine.com/projects/shoal-scabetti



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