Stairs 4

The single frame of the film intrigued me instantly due to its dutch angle camera position and art nouveau feel. What I liked about this shot was the contrast between the black and white, it is so strong and for that reason it highlights the contours of the designs. The detail on the staircase and the designs on the ceiling and the door are typical to Art Nouveau. I love how this incorporates symmetrical patterns that are very organic and verge on floral. This characteristic is typical of Art Nouveau as I found out in earlier research. Again the line and form is something that also intrigues me, I find the way all of the lines lead us to looking at the porter really interesting. It reminds me of a very Parisian look on Art Nouveau and brings me back to the Metropolitan entrance design by Hector Guimard.

From this thought process I have chosen three key words: detail, symmetry and context.

Here is my first brainstorm based on these words.

IMG_2652 edit


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