Being not as confident in 3D as in 2D, I had difficulties really starting off what I wanted to achieve. I decided to cut out some different shapes in paper that would create interesting shadows and contrast. I also wanted to look a little more in depth at symmetry and detail on a 3D level.

My first design is a symmetrical, contrasting colour, paper sculpture. To get an interesting effect I looked at using flash on my camera and also working in black and white. I thought  this worked really well in terms of exploring how symmetry can visually enhance even in a simplistic design and how strong it is as well. I also appreciate how the black and white also bring out this contrast, even more in fact due to the lack of colour and impact on shadow and line.

IMG_2586 edit



My next design was slightly more abstract and was more an experimentation to see what I could create using paper. I loved how bold the shadow came out and how interesting the design mimicked the bulbous architecture of Art Nouveau. The curves and shapes also helped me to understand the piecing together of a sculpture such as this.

_MG_2607 edit



Source: http://www.cambridge2000.com/gallery/html/PC1313006.html

This model I created in class. By moving the light it has made a really interesting shadow. Even though this is one of my weaker designs, its symmetrical forms still have an impact on the sculpture itself. I also like the way I have used both curves and straight lines that mirror some we see in Art Nouveau designs such as The Entrance to the Subway by Hector Guimard.

IMG_2596 edit


In this design I used more lines and shapes. I tried to make it as symmetrical as possible and see if I could create a more architectural feel. I do love the shadow of my sculpture. I think the way I have placed the lighting is just right to produced strength and boldness in the shadow which mimics the strength of the design. Although not clear from all photo angles the design in a symmetrical design, something I was looking to explore.




I created this design with views of constructing a pattern that would give me shadows that were full of visual richness. I found this quite challenging especially in making the shapes and trying to angle the light to make the shadow bold. However I do not think this was as successful as my previous work but I would like to work on the idea of paper cutting further, maybe using the laser cutter to get bolder lines.

_MG_2634 edit


I put this image into my 3D design even though it is between 2D and 3D. I decided to do one side detailed and one side blank to explore the effects of detail. I loved how in my photo the lines are a big strong point that stand out. The crossing of the lines do have a impact on my as a viewer and again I feel this contrasts extremely well with the lines of the detailed design. Also this paper sculpture includes symmetry which adds to the impression on the viewer.


I experimented using paper to create the word context. I took one of my earlier experiments and tried to make it in 3D. I found it really hard to make the word into image in  the first place, and even harder to go further and make from that a 3D piece. I put the colours on it spanning from a black circle and the merging then into colourful lines. I wanted to show that a simple object idea can have a really wide and colourful context.

IMG_2644 edit

Using a mixture of sticky notes and playing cards I created a flower. I wanted to show detail as well as symmetry in the card patterns. This experiment was a real challenge as it was hard to get everything to stick together and look good. I wanted to also mimic the floral organic designs present in Art Nouveau and experiment with them. These floral designs are seen in such works as a skirt by Callot Soeurs and Motif de Grand Balcon (1905-1907) by Hector Guimard. I loved how my design turned out and would like to create it again in order to improve what I have already done.  The black and white patterns also mirror those in Film Noir which is a really important part of my study.


Source: http://lecercleguimard.fr/fr/hector-guimard-architecte/actualites/



IMG_2645 edit




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