To start off looking at our chosen key words, in class we try to interpret our words in images. I found this task challenging but an interesting exercise and something that I have not done before meaning that whilst completing it I learnt a new way of creating and learning more about my chosen keywords.

The first word I looked at was symmetry. I chose this word first because I felt this was the easiest word to create an image from.  I started by drawing a circle and putting lines through it like a compass.  I decided this was a good way to look at the different lines of symmetry. I also drew several other images that used lines of symmetry these were simple but I felt it helped me to focus on the impact of symmetrical image and how it visually influences us and attracts our eye. One of my major focuses is to attract the eye and catch attention in my final piece. Also in my informal sketches I drew how the symmetry made me feel and what effect it had on me. These drawings were more abstract and colourful to mirror the visual excitement of the symmetrical patterns. Lastly I created a more easily recognizable image inspired from a synonym of symmetry which is balance. I drew the scales and the Ying and Yang symbol to highlight this.

IMG_2658 edit

Next I interpreted the word context. This was the hardest word for me because I felt context was more of a concept rather than a visual. I started off by drawing the ripple effect having a centre, this was a more visually realistic interpretation of what I thought the word context looked like. I then done some arrow patterns to show how context goes in every direction and can branch out close as well as really far. Afterwards I concentrated somewhat on the colour scheme that I felt context give us. I chose to do lots of colours throughout this experiment because I felt that context had many colours, shapes and forms, it is never the same it will always be alternative for every example. Lastly I created another realistic experiment by putting the Gruffalo next to a tree to show his context. I thought this was an interesting way to finish off my collection of studies.

IMG_2656 edit

I left the word detail until last because to me it seems the one that was visually the most easy to portray. I started off by creating a small series of delicate patterns that to me depicted images of detail, these included small curving black lines, yellow bubbles, orange and purple lines and a sewing stitch effect drawing. Afterwards I noticed some mist on the windows of the building and tried to draw that as something I had noticed around me that contained detail. The black dot to me represents the impact and simplicity of the word detail. How much impact can detail have on the human eye. Last of all I stuck down a photo of some lavender that I took, my zoom in on the plant means that the effect my camera gives is incredibly detailed and precise. Along with this I glued down the wrapper of my coffee  cup today which added a more 3D look in my experimentation.

IMG_2653 edit

I found this photo in my art scrap bag and thought it came under the black and white theme of Film Noir we have been looking at. I love how it encompasses well my three words. It shows symmetry by the invisible lines we could draw on the lobster crates. It is a very simplistic but detailed photo and we can easily put it into a context. Even though this photo is too modern for my project, I love the effect it has on me as a viewer.

IMG_2660 edit

Along my journey this week, I have been sticking down and drawing in a smaller travel journal, to help me document better my key words.

I have started off by this detailed black and white doodle which I feel adds a strength to the page. I wanted to take one of my previous experimentation and make it bigger and see what impact this had on a viewer compared to the first one. I love the effect I have created and it reminds me a little of the designs of Keith Haring.

KeithHaringHeart(Source: http://s302.photobucket.com/user/Unique_Bug/media/KeithHaringHeart.jpg.html)

IMG_2662 edit

After this, I done some paper cutting to help me understand further the idea of symmetry. Although this experiment was challenging in terms of cutting the right size of paper. I feel that in a bigger scale this idea could be something stunning. I would quite like to look at doing more paper cutting especially in terms of Art Nouveau, what my project is currently focusing on. I would also like to look at using black and white to tie in with the theme of Film Noir.

IMG_2663 edit

I found two empty teabag wrappers and wanted to stick them in my pocket book to not only show symmetry but to see the effect of a repeated image. This way of showing advertising repeatedly draws my mind to Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans. I think this effect works well and have a eye-catching effect on the viewer. Just like Andy Warhol’s piece has stuck in my head, I want my piece to stick in people’s head too.

campbells_soup_cans_moma1Campbell’s Soup Cans 1962

Source: http://www.soundguideweb.com/fhdforeifjifvjqvjfiogapjgigjqvqiojqiogfiqopoii/warhol/warholdif.htm

IMG_2664 edit

I cut up a photo I had from Paris depicting Art Nouveau railings on a bridge. I appreciated how this tied in my theme and how it shows directly the globalisation of this movement. Again I wanted to look at the effect of the repeated pattern and the symmetry involved with this.

IMG_2665 edit

This experiment was again looking at detail and colour.  It is very simplistic but I feel it has a strong effect on the viewer,  in terms of using colour to bring a simple black and white drawing to life.

IMG_2666 edit

I took some of my leftover laser cuttings from last year and stuck them to my book over a ripped up novel. I wanted to see the effect of a two page spread compared to one and what differs from having a simple design with a busy background. I liked the effectiveness of this design and how it appealed to me visually. It would be again interesting to try this out with Art Nouveau patterns as well as using the laser cutter for my further experiments.

IMG_2667 edit

This simplistic design just involves a symmetrical pattern that incorporates the idea of context. I have used a gold circle and draw around it two black line lightning bolts and two photo lightning bolts to show detail and precision. The lightning bolt shows how much impact context has on a certain subject.

IMG_2668 edit

These last experiments are just playing cards that involve patterns of symmetry. I saw them and thought they were visually interesting.

IMG_2669 edit

IMG_2670 edit



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