I went to London over the weekend to explore a couple of exhibitions linked in with my work for Key ideas in Art and Design. During the few hours I was in London I found a few exteriors and interiors that caught my eye that linked in with the scene I was moving toward.

Here are a few images I took in and changed into black and white to give them a Film Noir feel.

Exterior 1 Exterior 2 Interior 1  Interiors 2

Interior 3

After taking these photos, I would really like to go around London or Luton and photograph the different spaces I can see especially taking into account the shadows. Hopefully I can find a sunny day which will create an abundance of images for me to capture. I enjoy doing photography so this would be something that would interest me a lot, especially exploring further my love for black and white photography.

Tying in with my work on shadows and light, I went around my house and tried to capture some of the shadows within to give me a better idea internally of what I could do. Bearing in mind the day was rainy, I managed to use some of the artificial light to take photos of the few shadows in my house. Seeing as though this was a tough experiment, I would really like to play with a smaller spotlight and take photos of paper cuttings or objects that I put into the light and see what shadows they create. I feel this would give me more control and a stronger shadow.

_MG_2556 _MG_2578  _MG_2566 _MG_2557


I decided to try out a Art Nouveau style paper cutting by taking inspiration from my stairs scene. I really love the idea of paper cutting after having a go at it last year, in this project I would like to look at it further and see what I am capable of in this medium.

IMG_2582 edit

I also did some line drawings to help me further understand the shapes, structures and lines that are used in Art Nouveau interiors taking extracts from my scene. I love drawing with thin and think black pens and I feel I have improved on this technique since the summer.

IMG_2584 edit





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