1. What is context? 

Context is giving background information and meaning to an object or event. We can look at context as a ripple effect such as a puddle. An object could be put in context by looking at its history, where is came from, how it came into existence and where is it now. An event could be put into context by looking at everything that happened to reach the end event. To put something in context helps us to have a better understanding of how it came about and what was going on at this point in time.

2. What are your initial ideas for choosing an exhibition, show, event in the last six months and why? 

For this exhibition choice, my aim is to find a subject that really interests me. If something captures my attention and pulls me in, I will be more motivated to explore and write about it. I would really also like to find something that has a rich historical and cultural context, I enjoy exploring and looking in depth at both of these subjects so finding something that incorporated this would inspire me greatly. Knowing that I am close to London, this is where I will begin my search. I do not want to stick to the big names in galleries such as the Tate because I want my subject to be alternative however I do want it to be big enough that I have enough historical and cultural context without struggling for words.

Here are a few exhibition I am really interested in looking at: 

Woman Fashion Power : http://designmuseum.org/exhibitions/future-exhibitions/women-fashion-power

Disobedient Objects: http://www.vam.ac.uk/content/exhibitions/disobedient-objects/disobedient-objects-about-the-exhibition/

Frieze Art Fair: http://www.timeout.com/london/art/frieze-art-fair-2014


3. How do you think these ideas will lead to talking about globalisation through the mind mapping model? 

Using all the different strings of the Mindmap will help me globally to look at the context and subject of my exhibition. Having a strong historical and cultural background to my chosen show will help me to look at the world and how it was when the art or design was created. I would like to explore the global effect my exhibition subject had on the world. As the main part of this essay is Art and Design on a global level, I really want to make sure this is strongest focus in my writing.  Making sure I have a wide range of sources and gathering as much information around my chosen show as possible is key to finding out how it links to the many branches of the Mindmap.


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