Each year in the village where I live, a famous photography show is held each year in the summer. The different events which span from photography lessons to open air viewings take place over three days.

This year I went to only a small section of the exhibition that was the outdoor photo show.

The first thing that caught my eye on entering the outdoor venue was the layout. It was extremely well thought out and as an artist it really caught my attention as an alternative way to exhibit. The outdoor venue mixed with a “cinema” type showing made it a pleasant viewing space that also had a lot of character. As it was a projection, there was no issue with the lighting as the darkness at 10pm and the bright projection made a strong contrast so that all the photos were really clear and high quality. The size of the screen ( around 10m x 5m) also made a big impact on the space.

The exhibition itself really had a wide range of photos from a wide range of different skills and abilities. There were 21 photographers in total each showing around six to ten photos and each had there own unique view on a theme. Although I personally did not appreciate all of them, I could see the work and effort that had been put in by each photographer.

One of the main highlights of the show for me was a set by Tristan Zilberman who exhibited his work Pont de Rochemaure. Ziberman had followed the reconstuction of this bridge over several months and taking some beautiful black and white shots. The photos really grabbed by attention, I was eager to see what would come next and I had not felt that way about any of the previous photographers. I though Zilberman’s idea was so alternative that something not elegant such as a construction site could be changed through the lens of his camera. I really would love to try out his style of black and white photography, his carefully set exposure puts depth into the photos and installs in them an aesthetic attribute !


Tristan Zilberman’s photograhy – http://www.tristanzilberman.com/fr/portfolio-13865-0-60-un-pont-c-est-tout.html

Nuit Photographiques website – http://www.pierrevert-nuitsphotographiques.com/



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