After deciding that I wanted to try and experiment with this new medium, discovering more about it and how it works is my first port of call.

I started with Pinterest. Pinterest is one of my latest discoveries and it is a strong source of image and ideas. I came across it whilst looking for new art blogs and articles that could inspire my practice.

The first artist I came across is called Cecilia Paredes. I found her camouflage pieces on Pinterest, and was immediately taken by their precision and detail. They also looked extremely aesthetic which I feel helped to draw me in as a viewer. I also found an interview done by an blogger, Little Observationist ( http://www.littleobservationist.com/about-2/) about Cecilia’s work for this project. I discovered that Cecilia’s theme for her work was actually “Displacement and Reclocation” which I found tied in interestingly with my idea, as did she both look at foreground and background in her work.  Being an expat from Peru and moving to Philadelphia, she describes what she considers home and her idea of home, she says “I think the biggest impact in relation to your homeland or the place you call ‘home’  is when you come back and maybe you have missed some things, but you cannot be in two places at the same time. Home is Philly for now.” ( Source: http://www.littleobservationist.com/2013/08/05/artist-interview-cecilia-paredes/) I feel this is a really interesting view on home and her whole theme is what I am looking at in my project. For this reason I think she is possibly one of my biggest inspiration sources in terms of expressing a theme.

Artist interview and work : http://www.littleobservationist.com/2013/08/05/artist-interview-cecilia-paredes/

Looking through Pinterest again, I came across a contortionist who collaborated with an artist to create different animals using both skills. I found this a really interesting prospect and the final outcome was just unbelievable, it was hard to actually believe your eyes.The image that caught my attention was the giraffe. Although it is clear that it is a painted image, it is easily mistaken to be on canvas or painted on a wall. In fact it is not until we explore closer that we realise that it is actually a human, changing their form to create that of a giraffe.

The contortionist Beth Sykes is the body behind this piece of body art. Collaborating with artist Emma Fay. The artist gathered images of giraffes and Beth to inform her design and overall it took 6 hours to complete.

I feel that this image will contribute a lot of my final idea. Although my model will not be a contortionist I hope I can create some different shapes he can move into and see what effect I can give. I hope to take a range of images and from there choose my final one.


Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2567616/Thats-funny-looking-giraffe-Human-contortionist-bends-flexes-look-like-African-animal.html

Another part of body art I would like to explore in my research is more cultural than my previous examples. Henna is a type of body painting used traditionally for celebrations in the Africa, India, Pakistan and the Middle-East. It is made originally from a plant called, fittingly, Henna. It can vary in different shades and is usually applied on the hand and feet and can sometimes reach all the ways to the elbow and knees. I find Henna such an intriguing art form, the beauty and delicacy of it amazes me and I admire the work of those who can do it. I love the fact it is a type of body art that happens everyday and the fact it has such an historical and cultural background. The designs that are produced are complicated and exciting and I would really love to have a go at actually doing this kind of body art myself but from previous knowledge I have seen it can be quite a challenge.

This Henna tattoo is an elaborate bridal design.


Source: http://silknstone.com/About-Henna.html






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