I took a photo whilst I was on holiday in Nimes and I did not realise the outcome until I had it up on full screen on my television. When taking the photo, I was really inspired by Nimes water gardens and instantly felt the need to photograph it. When taking a black and white shot I did not notice another asset creep into my photo.


I think this photo really describes for me habitat and that is why I did not want to miss it out in my research journal. Even though it does not fit entirely with my theme, I felt that my photo captured the tranquility of the frog in his natural environment. Even though my photographs have been solely based around humans up to this point, I thought this frog needed a look in on my project. I am also really happy that I have got to do some more black and white photography and I have also learnt a lot about exposure and setting up my camera. I feel a lot more confidence taking photos and I love how this has turned out.



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