Stain Glass Spiral Ceiling – Dallas Texas

I came across this piece of art whilst scrolling through Pinterest. My attention was immediately caught by its aesthetically appealing characteristics and its abnormality. I felt this was a very modern take on an extremely old tradition that has clearly been passed on and changed meaning that it never grows old in reality.The patterns on the windows are also abstract pieces which make it alternative to religious stain glass windows which is what we would normally associate with Stain Glass. I really love Stain glass as a form of art and I would like to explore further the techniques and properties that are involved with actually creating the pieces. The Stain Glass Spiral Ceiling is situated in the Chapel of Thanksgiving in Dallas Texas. The window at the top of the spiral is called the Glory Window and it is one of the highest horizontally mounted stain glass window in the world.



Source: http://www.panoramio.com/photo/29208166

images (1)

Source: http://www.unvisiteddallas.com/archives/1771

Floating Umbrella – Portugal

Again I found this on Pinterest whilst looking through the art section which hosts a great selection of different pieces and genres of art. This installation caught my eye because of its modern but practical qualities. The piece consists of  hundreds of umbrella suspended on wires high above Agueda, a city in Portugal. The installation, known as the Umbrella Sky Project, has attracted many to the city and also created a burst of colour which “beautifies” the streets. As an installation piece I find this really exciting and quite forward in terms of art. Although recently I have taken an interest in installation, I feel there is a lot more artist taking on this medium and moving away from just using one medium and moving onto mixed media. Another point I can make about this installation is that it serves a double purpose: to mesmerize but also to shade from the hot summer sun in Portugal making it pleasant to stroll in this city. Just as I have said in my previous blog post on the Poppies Project in London, I would love to work as part of a big project just in order to gain confidence in working with others but also to enhance my skills and knowledge and to know I have been part of something big that inspires artists.

( Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2377292/Umbrella-Sky-Project-Brollies-unfurled-Portuguese-street-showers-colour-people-below.html)


Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2184151/Shower-colour-Artist-creates-illusion-floating-umbrellas-vivid-art-installation.html


Bleigiessen, Euston Road – Thomas Heatherwick 

I stumbled across Heatherwick’s glass sculpture Bleigiessen completely by accident whilst browsing the web. It was the aesthetic quality that caught my eye and the delicacy of the installation. After doing some research on my artist, I found out that he was also the creator of the Olympic Cauldron and the Materials House in the Science Museum of London. The Londonist (a London based website)  question his role as “London’s greatest modern designer”! The sculpture itself is situated in the Wellcome Trust HQ in London and was inspired by the German new year tradition of “throwing molten lead into water to create random shapes.” , the tradition being called as the sculpture “Bleigiessen”. It is constructed from steel wire and 150,000 glass beads. I really love this sculpture, I think its beauty is captured by its location in the Wellcome Trust. Its sheer size makes it stunning and almost unbelievable that something this big could have been created with such a delicate material. I have never worked with glass before, only glass painting which I experimented with last year. I would really enjoy trying out this medium because I feel its so flexible and you can do so much with it. I also love the effect it produces.

(Source: http://londonist.com/2012/07/thomas-heatherwick-londons-greatest-modern-designer.php)


Source :http://www.nickguttridge.co.uk/25231/186708/workplace/bleigiessen-wellcome-trust-london-heatherwick-studio

Silhouette Masterpiece Theater by Wilhelm Staehle

Staehle work, although simple, seems to have the power to catch peoples attention. His silhouette mix humour with paper art to create interesting scenarios and interpretations of play on words. I think these silhouettes are really cleverly constructed and even though the idea is very simple, I feel they are amusing to look at. I have tried paper cutting many times and it is a medium I enjoy working in. I feel it does have a delicate aspect to it which is why to get a perfect cutting it is easier to use a lazer cutter. Looking at Staehle’s website, it appears he uses scissors to create his designs making it all the more intriguing. However I had a hard time finding any background for the artist, he seems very hidden in the art world but his pieces really do stand out. I have been extremely inspired by them.

(Source: http://wilhelmstaehle.com/)


deadsexybottom-173x260 FScottFitzgerald-260x173


Source both photos: http://silhouettemasterpiecetheater.com/category/silhouettes/




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