Over the summer I got the chance to see a private view of an exhibition of artist Christian Astor who was exhibiting alongside one of the photography students Arthur Trombetta.

I was really pleased to be invited to see the first viewing of the exhibition which I knew had been in construction for many months so it was really exciting to see the final outcome. Having met Christian previously and appreciating his work, I could not wait to see them exposed for the first time.

Christian works on a really large scale, his canvases being at least two or more metres in height and sometimes up to six metres in length. Luckily the space accommodated his paintings extremely well as the walls were spacious and the paintings added life to the once empty room. The building itself, once an old storage space has been done up to become an office however with all the paintings inside it could have easily been mistaken for a permanent gallery space because of the beautiful interior design. The lights highlighted the paintings even more being a mixture of spot lights and street light from outside which accentuated the paintings in the dusky evening. Christian’s unique style is really shown in this show, he uses his hand mainly to create his work but also fine liner and photographs of his work printed and stuck onto his work. He works in the medium of acrylic paint in bold stand out colours, but only recently has he started to use a wide range colour palette. I found this technique impressive and I wonder if I would be able to try something like this on such a big scale!

Arthur’s photos complemented well the painting of Christian. Exhibited far enough a part to look separate but not so close the distracted from one another. Although all the photos had something eye catching and particular about them I really appreciated the three black and white shots in the to be kitchen area where the light shone though three windows highlighting the contours of these oeuvres. Each photo taken in New York and Paris, showed a different angle of the city, taking it away from the mainstream into the more feminine beauty that we can around in the city. All his photos really showed me this artists style and what interests he has in the field of photography and how he exhibits his work.

Overall I really appreciated the exhibition, I thought it was stunning and the venue was exquisite. I was really pleased to be invited for the opening and get to have a first look at the exhibition. I could really see the hard work being put into the show and having a chance to have a talk with the artists and find out their opinion was a really great finish.

 http://guerrealatristesse.blogspot.co.uk/ – Blog of Christian Astor – Photos by Arthur Trombetta


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