I felt by far the University of Bedfordshire’s degree show was one of the best I have seen over the degree shows I have been to in the past weeks.

The exhibition was split over two rooms, each encompassing a small number of courses. In the first room we got to see a bit of fashion work, and work from the interior design and architecture, advertising design, fine art and art and design courses. In the second room there was work from illustration, graphic design, photography and video art and animation. The splitting of the rooms made it so that there was enough space in between the art work and enough space for the audience to walk around.

Although it was simply signposted, the rooms were big and spacious and we could see around the room and what direction to go in. The room was well lit from the big windows and we could see all the pieces clearly. The two studios were set up so there was a few dividers in the room. This made it more compact but easier to see each piece of art, I thought this was a good curatorial decision.


I appreciated the way there was also things that enhanced the overall exhibition experience. These were the shop which stocked a range of artwork from both tutors and students which I felt encouraged entrepreneurial activities for the current and graduating students.  Another thing was both the ice cream van and the bar. These made the overall experience different and helped it to stand out, especially having the ice cream van which I have not seen in another exhibition. It added a more welcoming aspect to the show.

One of the ideas that stood out for me was the show brochure which showed every student next to their artwork. This would help people to see who made the art and contact them if they have not had an opportunity to find a business card . It also meant you could find the artist who made the work if you wished to talk to them . I thought this was a great idea that should definitely be used in the future.

However my only comment would be that it was a shame that not all of the work was labelled directly next to the piece but saying this it did make it surprising to find out as well and it did actually start discussions between artists and viewers which I thought was a positive outcome of the show.

There were two pieces in the show that caught my eye. The first was a photography piece by Greta Sali Movaite who used fishwire and acetate to build a 3D sculpture piece. The overall concept really attracted me and it filled up a space and caught peoples attention as they walked past. You could tell a lot of thought and work had been put into creating this piece and it really showed when you saw the full creation.


The other was a series of pieces by Nicole Atkinson which used fabric and lazer cutting. It was a really delicate piece which caught my eye as soon as I had entered the room. Her designs were aesthetically pleasing and they clearly took time to perfect.


Overall the standard of art work in every course was very strong. Each person presented such a variety of ideas and thoughts that it made the whole show pleasing to discover. It showed how UoB is pushing its way to the forefront of art school and it made me proud to be a student here.

Photos from the show

WP_20140619_015 WP_20140619_018 WP_20140619_020 WP_20140619_023 WP_20140619_025 WP_20140619_027







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