The second and last degree show we attended in London was the one at the Royal College of Art.

The Royal College of Art is a postgraduate institution so it was interesting to see the difference between the undergraduate shows and this purely postgraduate one.

Seeing as though we did not have as much time as we would have liked to look around, the show was very strong. It brought together such a variety of pieces with exciting and interesting concepts. It was all layed out really well over three floors and a series of corridors. It was spacious enough to walk around and not so busy that we were not able to appreciate all the artwork. Just as the Camberwell show, it was not as well signposted as I would of liked but the overall flow of it made a pathway in which we could walk. I also appreciated the fact that you could turn corners and find undiscovered art pieces.

The overall lighting of the show was good and the spaces had lots of air in them. I loved the fact the building is old and I feel this enhances the viewing experience. Its a positive contrast of old and new. The publicity for the show was great. The posters were clear and the leaflet we got given was helpful. It was also great to see how everyone had a business card with the logo of the RCA on it but also their own touch through the artwork on the front.



There was a few pieces that stood out in my mind. One of them was a set of chimes hanging down on leather cords from the ceiling which you could play and discover. I liked the fact that we would interact with this piece and play it for ourselves. It was an ongoing project piece by artist Peter Shenai and composer Laurence Osborn.


The other piece was a psychological project called Project Whitebear. There was indeed a giant white polar bear on display which I felt caught peoples overall attention. It was exciting and out there and most of all it was attractive. The artist, Melissa Parker Kim, had also created a set of stickers with complemented well her business cards.

WP_20140618_014 WP_20140618_013

The room I feel I appreciated the most was the animation room. For each short film there was a tv screen with two sets of headphones and a comfy chair in order that you could watch them in comfort and concentrate on them. From a viewers point of view it really helped me to enjoy what I was seeing and sit all the way through instead of being too hot too cold or uncomfortable. I thought this was a positive setting and set up.

Even though we had to complete the show quite fast I really got a good understand of what being at the RCA is actually like. Each piece is unique in its own way and each individual has their own strengths of practice. I would love to come back to this show next year with more time to look around because I feel it is something of high standard which we can aim for as practitioners.





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