My aim at the beginning of this project was to show the meaning of home and show “home” through the means of shells.

I decided to mix photography and shells by making shell templates and cutting them out in photos. I sourced a variety of images showing different kinds of houses that I had taken. I cut out a selection of shell templates which I would use to draw my shells on the images. I thought the houses inside the shell outlines made an interesting concept and wanted to continue this idea through my final piece.

_MG_1225 edit _MG_1226 edit

I chose to base my final outcome on my home. I wanted to create a piece similar to my Matisse cut out but with a more personal message. I gathered photos I had taken of the four places I have lived or had strong associations with: those I consider part of my home. On these photos I cut out a shell template that I copied from my first Matisse piece. This involved many layers going from big to small. The biggest photo is a photo of Oxford because it played the biggest part in my life, then Dunbar from where my Grandparents live, then Provence, then Luton. The smallest dot on the piece is also Oxford to show the core of the shell is Oxford.

I am really pleased with how my final piece looks. The canvas board really enhances it and also the 3D look I have given it makes it bounce off the page. I love how it reflects all four of my homes and the shape of the shell brings that together. It also shows off one of my strengths as an artist through photography.

_MG_1227 edit

IMG_1582 ProvenceIMG_1825 OxfordIMG_7189 edit LutonIMG_7560Dunbar




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