On a trip to find some art materials at the mall, I came across a shell selection in The Works, being a main part of my project I brought them knowing they could help me to create art and study shells in detail.

I started off by drawing the shells individually using pencil and watercolour pencils. I felt this was a good exercise because it helped me to look in detail at the shells and also develop my drawing skills. I felt my experiments were successful although I would like to practice more drawing to enhance my future practice.

_MG_1207 edit _MG_1208 edit

Next I tried painting shells. I did not feel these had the same positive outcome as the sketches which I found interesting because usually I am a stronger painter. I feel I would like to work more onto the painted shells to see if I can improve them further.

_MG_1219 edit _MG_1220 edit

This weekend I have also experimented with clay. I found it rather challenging and decided to create just a simple shaped shell. I hope to paint this shell during the next week.

_MG_1231 edit _MG_1233 edit

I found the clay shell really challenging to create and I am not sure I am fully happy with the final outcome. I feel I need to practice my painting a lot more to get stronger results.

I thought about layering paper to create a more graphic design element. I found this exciting and I based my work on the Cut Outs by Matisse. I looked at each shell in detail and picked out the different layers. I used colour pastel paper to create the  cut out look. I am really pleased with how these have turned out, they have clearly been inspired by Matisse and they look simple but appealing

_MG_1209 edit _MG_1210 edit _MG_1211 edit



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