This month I have also been to the London College of  Communication. LCC is a world leading university in both design and media education. They cover a range of courses, both undergraduate and postgraduate, from photography to sound design to public relations.

I got the chance to see the photojournalism and photography exhibition during the Summer Show.  The first part of the exhibition I got to see was the photojournalism sections. I was however surprised about the quality of the final outcome in some cases. I felt some of the strongest pieces in my opinion were exhibited in a corridor which I remarked did them a disservice considering their high quality finish.  The ideas behind each piece had been clearly thought out although sometimes it remained unclear about the subject choice and how it has been represented in photo. I appreciated the fact that there were sketchbooks and photo books to help us understand the thought process and show us other same theme works that were not on display.
The photography exhibition was also a mixed bag of artwork. Some of the pieces I appreciated a lot however some of them I struggled to find a well thought out idea behind. I was taken by a fairy tale themed piece in one of the rooms in which the artist had created frames made out of sticks that enhanced the photos. It was also displayed along with a sketchbook that was a part of the photos but was presented more like a scrapbook.
I think this is one of the strongest pieces I have seen so far down the way it was displayed to the audience. It captured attention and had clearly been well thought out. It inspired me for how I could display my own work in an alternative way. This was also highlighted in another piece that had placed photos and souvenirs in glass to create a life story. I found this interesting because it was not as simple as hanging a photo and again inspired me to create something different with my photos.

WP_20140603_011 WP_20140603_009 WP_20140603_010

Saying this a lot of the work that was purely framed was also strong and I appreciated how they had set out their work in accordance with their personal theme.

The rooms were by both natural and artificial light which was rather off putting in some cases. However I felt that the whole show would look better if the rooms had not been lit in a mixture of light but the main light source being small lights centered directly on the images or simply natural light.

WP_20140603_004 WP_20140603_006

I did have however some issues with the exhibition. The rooms with the photos in them were rather hot making it not the most comfortable place to sit or stand and look at artwork. This was the same for the rooms in which the video pieces were shown, the heat made it hard to appreciate the work and stand through a whole piece.

Overall, I was expecting a little more from such a well known university. Some of the pieces were high quality and stood out and some of them did not stand out as well as others. The heating was a big problem as it did ruin the overall effect of some of the pieces. However the pieces that did stand out in my eyes have made a impression on me and have inspired me for my work in the future.

Photos from the show


WP_20140603_008 WP_20140603_012 WP_20140603_014



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