Last Tuesday, I managed to visit the Matisse Cut-Outs exhibition currently being held at the Tate Modern in London. After being strongly inspired by him for my shell interpretations I was eager to explore.

Although the exhibition was something I feel as an artist it is crucial to see, to see any artist famous or unknown always helps the the concrete foundations of a practice, I was in some ways dissapointed. I was expecting a lot more from the  show.

Firstly I felt the cost of the exhibition was much to high. As a student it would be the only time I would consider going to see a touring exhibition at the Tate because I feel that 14 pounds is an extortionate amount to pay.

This was not helped by how the show itself. The lighting was very poor and did not show Matisse’s pieces in the best way. If the lighting had been more carefully placed, it may have illuminated the pieces in a way which is appealing to the viewer. In this case I did not feel it had. Although the pieces were labelled, all of Matisse’s original notes in French had not been translated which was a shame for a lot of viewers considering not everyone would have the ability to understand.

Saying this the curation of the exhibition was well thought out and easy to follow. There was a clear continuity between each room and we could see the development of Matisse’s work. I especially liked a stain glass window “cut out” that was displayed right at the end of the exhibition. It was an alternative way to show his work and I wish there had been more because I really appreciated it.


I can see how Matisse’s work has inspired others.Matisse has really taken a new kind of art to a new level, making us question again “what is art?” Even though Matisse was making the art, due to the video footage I have seen, I consider him more of the creator. He had a vision and he knew he was an artist and even though he was disabled, he still used all means to create. That is what I feel being an artist is all about.

Although I was not particularly taken by the exhibition I feel it is one that I am glad I went to see and explore. I have been inspired by his work and have used his techniques a lot in my final outcome of my making and reading brief. Saying this I do not think I would return to the Tate to see a big exhibition unless it was something I was highly interested in due to the cost of the ticket. I feel this would put a lot of people off going to explore art. I think art is something important in today’s world and I find more people could be exposed to it if it was not so costly.




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