Last Wednesday, as a group of both Fine Art and Art and Design students, we took a trip into London to explore more degree shows.

The first one on our list was Camberwell, after getting lost numerous times we eventually made it.

My first impression of the overall workings of the exhibition was that it was very complicated to get around. The signposting was not always the clearest and sometimes you could end up on a staircase leading to no-where. However we did see everything we wanted to from the exhibition.

I really enjoyed looking at the photography pieces. Some of them stood out to me in a big way and I was captured by the image and their quality. One of them also had sound effects which I felt added in a more rounded experience for the viewer looking at their artwork and another had a piece of writing which tied in with their photos, giving us a background. This is something I will take on board for my degree show the way in which the view is effected by words and sounds.


Linking in with the photography I appreciated those who were not exhibited in a mainstream way. One of the pieces was constructed using logs and the other was projected onto four white boxes. I found these different and therefore they caught my attention more than those who were exhibited quite originally. I feel those who exhibited originally had to have a high quality outcome to stand out with the more alternative pieces.

WP_20140618_007 WP_20140618_006

I felt the drawing works were really strong and were shown in a really friendly space which was lit to give force to the pieces. I did however feel that the drawing would have come more under the umbrella of fine art as a lot of them included sculpture. The sculpture really did enhance the pieces, I have not seen a lot of sculpture in the shows I have previously been too so this made a really nice change and it was very well executed.

Last of all we saw the painting. I had mixed feelings about this part of the show. Some paintings were strong and others were very alternative and not necessarily what I personally like. However their is no doubt that every piece that I did see was completed to the highest quality and there for it made viewing it a pleasure.


The exhibition had a lot of good aspects to it. It was very out of the ordinary which made the variety of work on show interesting and captivating. Of course as with every show there are pieces you love and pieces you are not so fond of. But I overall felt a lot of these appealed to me. The lighting of the show was strong and it put the pieces in the best light possible, even if it was a natural light source. The pieces were all hung extremely well and each piece complemented the next, even if the topics were unrelated.  I liked how the show was not so crowded and we were able to feel the space and move around freely. It enhanced the overall experience of this show.

My only disappointments with the show was the fact that not everyone had labels next to their work which explained it. I feel its nice to see the ideas and how the idea came about and it makes for an easier viewing of the overall show. I would have also have liked to see more business cards around the show.

Overall I really enjoyed the show and appreciated the variety of art work on display.

Photos of the show

WP_20140618_004 WP_20140618_005 WP_20140618_003



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