After seeing the Hertfordshire degree show I was inspired by the illustration pieces. I decided to create an illustration type piece showing a variety of homes in different cultures and countries.

_MG_1212 edit

I was pleased with how the piece turned out and the style I have created it in. I feel this process is not something I would normally take on board and for that  reason I am pleased I gave it a go and experimented. Doing experimentation helps me to expand on my capabilities as an artist and helps me to explore what techniques I feel comfortable in.

This week we also had a group tutorial with Hannah where we got to look at everybody’s work so far in the project. I had positive feedback for mine and Hannah suggested I look more into photography again as it is one of my strengths as an artist.

Taking this on board, I contacted a  first year photography student, Arthur, to help me learn some more skills and take images of my shells as a starting point.

Arthur helped me to use the tripod and showed me how to set up the camera completely manually to give the best photo effects possible. We constructed and took the photos together working out the best way to display and take the photos.

Here is the outcome.



_MG_0737 _MG_0744 _MG_0747


I really love how these photos turned out and I am also pleased how I got to learn more about my camera which I will definitely use in the future.

I decided to draw the last photo that I have shown because I was eager to try out more of my drawing skills on a different type of shell. I feel this turned out much better than my previous drawings and I think I am improving in drawing.

_MG_1237 edit


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