What is Modernism? Taking an example you have found in a museum or gallery during the last 10 weeks, from three of the following; graphic design (a poster for example), Interior, product, film and animation, animation, fashion or architecture, from the period of modernity, discuss why it is ‘modern’ rather than just ‘a product of its time’ use your choice of examples to illustrate your analysis.

At first look at the essay question, it seems like a very broad topic that could be interpreted and looked at in many different ways. I knew I wanted to give the reader a brief overview of what modernism was and I wanted my three examples to be interesting but not so unknown that I would have trouble finding resources and information. I thought the best starting point would be Colin’s lectures and Noel’s seminars as they discussed Modernism and we were give some artwork in these that I thought I could potentially use.

After doing this, searching online and in several books, I decided on three sculpture pieces: Fountain by Marcel Duchamp, Guitar by Pablo Piscasso and Lobster Telephone by Salvador Dali. I thought that it would be smart to have fluidity in all three pieces but all different contexts so that it would not be too much of the same thing. I knew that my interest really lay in the meaning of the image and its context historically. How the art pieces aided in modernism was something I also wanted to look at. I did not necessarily want to write a lot about the life of the artist because wanted to focus on the links to modernism in more detail.

Here is my list of Essay Links : websites that I found during my research, some of which I used in the essay.

Here is my first draft of my Essay on Modernism

After reading this draft essay I had some grammar mistakes here and there and also some spelling errors. I sorted them out. I felt my piece also needed a bit on cubism to introduce Picasso so I added that as well.

Overall I am really pleased with how my essay turned out. I feel I gave a good summary of what modernism actually is and talked really  in depth about my three pieces. I also enjoyed writing this essay as it gave me a chance to find out a lot more about this era and a range of artists and pieces.Next time I think maybe I would change my structure and maybe make it more fluid, however I am happy with what I have produced for a first essay at University.

Here is my final Essay on Modernism.




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