If you asked me to define my specialism right now on the spot I wouldn’t be able to tell you, however with any luck at the end of my university journey I will be able to. Coming to university I knew I wanted to study something in either art or design, I did not know what I was the strongest at and I was still eager to try out a bit on everything so that is why my “specialism” if you will is Art and Design. I think being specialised in both art and design is something that makes me hollistic as an artist. I want to be capable of doing lots of different practices but maybe only eventually focusing on one or two. The reason behind this is the fact I feel that I can draw inspiration from lots of alternative sources in a range of mediums. I find that a piece I could produce in one medium would not necessarily look or have the same effect on the viewer if it was not in a that key medium. I feel being specialised in Art and Designs permits us to explore a range of medium in order to know which one would be the best one to work in.

I can not think of any particular skills needed to be an artist and designer apart from motivation and creativity which I feel are key factors. We need to be motivated to work and produce art and designs in order to enjoy what we do and have a well though outcome. It is essential to have the creativity to think up new ideas and pieces that no one has though of before. It helps us to look beyond what is around us and explore further outside and further in depth what the world has to offer. By doing this and having these key skills I think it is possible to practice as an artist and designer.

There is of course a lot of similarities and differences between my specialism and other people’s specialisms. For one, I feel if you are specialized at one particular skill, you would have to be a lot stronger in that one skills than say I would. You would have to have a lot more knowledge as it would be your main practice. If you were a photographer, you would have to know in depth about the workings of a camera, how to set up lights and conduct a photoshoot, or if you were a fashion designer you would have to know how to sew and put a garment together. These are all key things that I feel make being an artist and designer different to any other specialism. Regardless I am sure that with that comes a lot of similarities like foundation knowledge of subjects and again creativity and motivation which in any specialism is the key to success.

Overall I am very happy with my chosen specialism and  I would love to go far in it. With my creativity and my motivation, I really hope this is possible.


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