This year at University has been really positive for me. I have broadened my practice and learnt lots of new skills I know I will be able to apply in my second year and the years to come. I admit at times that it has been a struggle to come up with ideas and start or continue a project, however I feel I have never lacked motivation to succeed.

Since January we have been set three different briefs, each one containing new skills we would obtain and develop. Our first brief centred a lot around Photoshop and the manipulating of images. I found this very challenging at the beginning being that I am a complete beginner at Photoshop, however as I learnt more the tasks got easier to handle and I especially enjoyed completing the remixed self portrait and the @EARTH photomontage. Tying into this I thought the Peter Kennard talk we were given was really interesting and insightful. Not only did we get to hear about some of his pieces but we got to hear about how he tackled problems and made himself known in the art world. I would definitely recommend this as a talk for next year.

After we had received feedback about this project we moved on to the Transform project. This was an exciting one for me as I feel a lot more comfortable working manually rather than digitally and I completed most of my project manually. Although it took me a while to get into the project, I felt I had a better understanding of the sense of Transformation when it was over. I think a stand out point for me was the sculpture class we had with Clement, I felt this helped me a lot to understand the overall brief and I loved having a go at working with clay. I was extremely pleased with my final 3D outcome as I felt it was different and the concept was interesting. I’d like to have a go at doing something similar again.

Our last project is a called About Time and is a time based media project based around the theme of Psychogeography. I found this project really challenging to start off with, it required a lot of video knowledge, something I was not one hundred percent confident about. Saying this I was really pleased with how my video turned out, although I know it could be better I feel that is something that will come with time. I am happy that this year I got to try out a range of video editing techniques because I think it puts me in good stead for the years to come.

Alongside these projects we have also been having regular Viscom classes involving both drawing and print. I feel as though my skills in drawing have dramatically improved and my confidence as a drawer has grown since September. I am almost always happy at the outcome of my work, although I still see room for improvement! Considering my print work I have really enjoyed working with print but I would like to use it more and improve my skills in this area. I acknowledge I have more to learn.

Throughout all the units I feel I have been taught a wide range of skills that I now feel a lot stronger in. I just hope I can continue these skills and improve on them for the years to come.

Looking at my practice I feel two areas have stood out a lot throughout my projects : Sculpture and Photography. I really enjoyed working  both of these areas and my confidence has definitely grown. I loved working on sculpture especially using wire as an alternative material and getting back into clay was something I appreciated having the chance to explore. In the means of Photography, I feel all my pieces have been photographed well on my blog and I have really loved experimenting with the video project as well. I have made links with the photography department which actually helped me not only in getting strong photography guidance but I also got to help out on a shoot earlier this year.

Next year I would love to continue working in a range of media to find out what suits me the most. I would be interested in trying out the 3D printer and also the darkroom as I did not have a chance to experiment with these during the Viscom sessions. I am still not sure of my career outcome after my degree, however at the moment I am loving taking the steps to finding this out.