The first object I would like to explore is a typewriter. A typewriter is a machine that types using ink and a roll of paper and was invented by Christopher Sholes in 1886. As a sound piece I feel the typewriter is a very exciting concept, the sound it makes as the key hit the paper and when we change lines is old fashioned but in a way really beautiful. Not only this but the way it types on paper and the font it produced is a piece of art in itself. I would like to also explore the inside and functioning of the typewriter because I think the mechanics could spark some ideas for me as well.

A pocket watch is a type of clock that people used to carry upon them. I consider this object old because of the time it was invented and how our use of it is now replaced by watches for our wrists. The pocket watch was in fact invented in the 16th century and it was used up until around World War One, it was also considered a fashion symbol for men during this time. They were firstly made without glass and only a protective brass shell, they were also quite bulky. As the years went on the mechanism was refined and in  1675 they became popularized as a symbol of luxury and fashion item by Charles II of England. I find the pocket watch quite a classy symbol and I still think upon it somewhat as a symbol of elegance and luxury. Personally I am inspired by the inside mechanics of the watch and I would like to work with the different pieces to create different pieces of art. I love the the patterns they created and I feel they would be really exciting on either a textile piece or a screen print.


My last object I want to look at is a tree. It is commonly known that if you count the rings on the inside of a tree you can define its age, you can know how old it is, what era it originated in and when it was planted. This to me is something intriguing. However the difference it has from other old items is the fact that even though it is old, something new is always being produced on it. In some ways the tree although old always has a part of youth that is linked to it. I feel from a artists point of view this would be something really interesting to look at and explore. To even look at the rings of age and the different stages of leaves growing would be an exciting project to investigate. It also helps me to understand that even though maybe we have come to the end of ideas or even have no more motivation, we will always grow new ideas and new motivation no matter how many years we have been practicing for.






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