Introduction to Visual Culture

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Our first lecture was really a basic introduction lecture to what we would be covering in the weeks to come and what would be our goal at the end. Colin explained the fundamental stages to becoming a thinking practitioner and introduced us briefly to Pop culture and Soap culture. He also touched on how context and meaning can completely change something.

The Enlightenment to Modernism 

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Colin’s next lecture started off by exploring the Enlightenment and how knowledge, science and philosophy had a huge role in this time period. He explained how the mind became a key focus and how from this the world started to evolve. Colin showed us how printing came into play and from that books were quickly distributed. He looked at coffee shops and their expansion and lastly the differences between France and Britain during this era.

Introduction to Modernism 2 (1850-1950)

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In this lecture, Colin showed us how Modernism came into play and how it moved from country to country and what pieces were produced. We also looked at the movement of Art Nouveau and how technology and art came together. We then discovered a bit about the Bauhaus which I found really interesting especially the kind of works that were produced from this institution that are still really well known today.

Modernism 3 – America and the 1960’s

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This time, we focused mainly on America and how the American culture has grown in terms of modernism. We looked at different artworks and different brands and their evolution, and also how American has evolved and changed for the new age.   One of the pieces I found particularly interesting was Baseball Chair by Charles and Ray Eames. I thought the way it was constructed and where they sourced their idea was intriguing, it would be a piece that I’d like to look at in more detail and may consider as one of my essay works of art.

Sex, Fetish, the City and Consumerism. 


The last lecture we had was centered around sex and fetishes and how the link in to our society today, especially as a technological society. Colin showed us the changes that have taken place in this area since the 1960’s and how fetishes are present all around us and how we react to different things being different genders. We finally looked at how the city is portrayed in many different ways by various artists.


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