Although I feel in some ways I could have achieved something stronger, I am happy about the look of my video. I think it gets across exactly what I want to say.

The idea is that at the beginning we are walking down an alleyway towards a beach and suddenly we are transported back to Luton and then back to the beach. The meaning behind this is the urbanisation of the world that we are living in. We then have a long stop motion of the sea which is cut at several places by the boundaries of the city. After we have a long stop motion of the city, cut by the boundaries of the beach. I wanted to add a pause after this because it is a lot to see all at once so I took Georges Perec’s quote “an imaginary made material by a wooden barrier.” This was the inspiration for my project. I then compiled all the boundary photos together one after another in quick concession until the screen goes blank. If you examine closely the photos, the photo of the city and beach that come after one another have the same composition. I tried to make it so that that barriers looked “alike” but have a different affect on the viewer.

Here is the link to my video

I think there is a few improvements that could be done to make my video better. However at the moment I feel that my skills are not far enough advanced to have the capabilities to achieve this quite yet. However in the future I hope to be able to expand my skills enough that I can really create the video that I imagine.

I am presenting my video with two photos as well which I will place next to my portfolio. These are images that I am really proud of and I feel I have achieved to a high level.

_MG_9847edit _MG_8070



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