This year I have been to several artist talks held by the University. I can safely say that even if I have not liked all of the work I have been shown, these artists have really inspired me to believe in my pieces and keep creating art. They are all proof of success in the art world.

The first artist I went to see is called Cameron Haynes. I found his concepts and ideas interesting although I was not necessarily intrigued by  all of his pieces. The message he was getting across was a strong one and in my views a very important one. Although all of his pieces did not appeal to me, I though the tribal masks of the portraits of white people were really interesting and I thought the meaning and the personal meaning for Cameron were really deep. I found the videos a bit harder to understand however the images that were shown had a story behind them which I feel made us as the viewer connect with Cameron’s work more easily. I am not sure whether I would look into Cameron’s work more in detail but saying that I was really glad I went to hear him speak.

After this I have been to see an Zimbabwean artist called Asyia Clarke. I found her work really inspiring, I thought the way she took a lot of ideas from nature and constructed them not only in a 3D way but also 2D showed off her variety as an artist. She showed us a whole range of her work and each of them had a small anecdote that went with them that I feel made us intrigued about her artwork. The way she had created her pieces is really beautiful. On occasions she uses different materials from nature and other times she uses objects that people have thrown away. It shows a big part of her work is recycled which is another very forward way of creating art. I would really love to discover more about her practice and try out her way of working for myself.

The last artist I have seen this year is Sam Nightingale. I feel this artist talk was the most beneficial in terms of how to enter the art world. Sam gave us pointers on how to get ourselves out their and how to get ourselves known. I found this really helpful and I will definitely take on board what he has told us. Sam talked to us about the current project he is taking on called Islington’s lost cinemas. This project focuses on looking at the old cinemas of Islington, there was once 40,  and the buildings they have now become and photographing them. I think this is an exciting project as it involves both research and art which I really like. He also has plans to continue this project in Australia which is proving he puts himself out there as an artist which I find inspiring.


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