The ideas for my project were still playing in my mind and I was not sure which direction to take this video given the time constraint and the other projects I had going.

During the April break I set off home to France where even though I was not surrounded by urban, I thought I could relax and gather a stronger idea of what I wanted to achieve. I thought that reading on of the suggested books on the book list would be a good way to start and I had heard a few people disussing Georges Perec’s novel, Species of Spaces and other places and chose to give that a go. I was pleased I did. Even from the first page I have been pulled in by the utter poetry of how his words sound and how he looks upon the world. Everything seems very simple to him but complicated at the same time. The way he writes is really beautiful, I feel he moves so fluidly between each topic, from the bedroom to the apartement to the street. I was interested in the way he defined barriers and limits : boundaries, in our society. I have highlighted some quotes from the book.

“We live in space, in these spaces, these towns, this countryside, these corridors, these parks.”

“The streets of town are full of cars”

“The buildings stand one beside each other. They form a straight line. They are expected to form a straight line.”

“Only infrequently are there trees on the street. When they are there they have railings around them.”

“Metal posts linked by chains.”

“Entire sections of roadways may be put out of bounds by means of light metal barriers.”

“An imaginary limit made material by a wooden barrier.”

Source for all quotes : Perec,G, Species of Spaces and other pieces, 2008, Penguin Classics New ED edition

I really liked the quote ” An imaginary limit made material by a wooden barrier” it evoked something in my mind and made me think more about the notion of boundaries. Being one of the starting points of this project I decided to explore the idea of boundaries in both an urban and rural (seaside setting).

I knew I wanted to have a stop motion element to my piece and being influenced by my artist research I started to explore this medium. I also thought about putting still photography in my video, just like in La Jetée.

When I went to the beach I started to explore the different types of boundaries. I found in contrast with Luton where all the boundaries are very sharp and dangerous looking that the seaside although it had its boundaries it was very open. I feel in someways this was due to the natural seaside boundary that had a kinder apperence than a barbed wire fence.

I chose to contrast several photos comparing Luton and the beach. The boundaries look the same but they are very different.

Pair 1 

_MG_8073 _MG_9849


Pair 2

_MG_8178 _MG_9845

Pair 3

_MG_8089 _MG_9861


These are some examples of the boundaries that I wanted to compare and contrast. As you can see the ones taken at the beach are a lot less threatening than the ones taken in Luton.

I also captured a number of stop motion footage to set the scene. I want to encorporate all of this in my video.

I have written a few lines that summarize the aim for my video:

The theme of my piece is boundaries and the role they play in our daily lives. I have chosen two locations to film in and I wanted to compare the “idea” of a boundary in each one. I took my inspiration from a book called Species of Spaces and other pieces by Georges Perec. Georges Perec says in his book “An imaginary limit made material by a wooden barrier”. This showed me that boundaries are only imaginary limits, its the human kind that make them real. All boundaries are in any shape or form an imaginary line with no purpose other than to stop us entering, exiting, keeping us from danger but also prohibiting us from finding out what is beyond them. This video aims to show boundaries in their natural and man made forms and how different types of boundaries effect us.


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