As I said previously, I decided to see how my video would look with a human in it. I took two takes of my initial video but this time including my brother.

The first video that I did involved him being shot from the shoulders up, I wanted to see how the human would relate to the surroundings and how well our focus would go between the two if at all.


What I noticed in this video compared to my previous ones is that I was a lot more conscious of where my camera was placed on the body. I knew I needed to have all of his shoulders included to give the full effect of the video. However the stability on all of the shots was not the way I wanted it to be and led to the problem that the video has too many items being focused on at once. This sadly meant that I felt the video was not something I would want to reproduce, nor am I particularly pleased with the outcome.


Next I decided to focus on a video that showed a full length body shot.

This video I felt came out better that the shoulders only one. My shots were definitely stabler and that meant that the view kept focus throughout the video. However I think the viewers main focus is the human which is not really what I intended for the video. Being that I want to show urbanization, I think having the camera being the eyes of the walker is a much stronger and more focused outcome. Saying this I am very pleased about the stability element of the video. I also experimented a little at the end, imagining my setting where the walker has just seen the urbanisation on his nature walk and hence curled up in a ball to avoid it. This is an idea I had for the final outcome but due to my previous experiments this will no longer be the case.


Next I am going to do another take of a video, this time in a straight line and trying to keep my camera as stable as possible throughout the whole video. When this is done, I will try remaking the original video with improved stability and how I would want technically my final outcome to look.


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