I felt in order to understand how Stop Motion really works and the actual effects we can create using Stop Motion, I thought I should look more in depth at some Stop Motion Artist in order to inform better my practice.

My first thoughts fell upon the film La Jetée which is a French film by director Chris Marker made in 1962. The whole film is in fact a Stop Motion film, it is comprised of many still photography shots. What interested me about the film is the fact that it does look like a video film, the way the camera showed a sequence of related stills and the way the sound is placed with the film does actually make the film look video like.I think La Jetée is a really well done film, especially for its time period it is indeed very modernistic. I also am quite inspired by the fact it is shot in black and white. The black and white helps us to focus on the subject and shows the simplistic photographic style of each shot.


I then thought to take my search to  Youtube videos, although I think it is interesting to be inspired by film, I felt Youtube could offer me a different light on my subject.

I found this interesting piece of film by crzsime. I loved his use of first person perspective in a stop motion setting and it gave me inspiration for my video. Maybe I do not have to keep my photo angles in a straight line or not always first person perspective.


The next one I found is very different to the things I’ve looked at so far but I came across this on a Lego Stop Motion Animation site (http://socialtimes.com/lego-stop-motion-animations_b31146) and found it funny but it also showed me how music can be the base for a video rather than the video dictating the music or sounds. I thought I’d take this into consideration whilst thinking further about ideas for my film.





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