After having my final feedback session with Hannah, I realised that my idea of a drawing stop motion was a strong idea but was going to be terribly time consuming. I needed to think of something that would get across the same strong message but not be so difficult to create.

I spoke to two photography students and explained my idea, I wanted to see what feedback I could get for my video. Graham suggested a perfect place which showed Urbanisation, not to far from Luton. I then wondered if I could make a stop motion video, taking a walk but purely using images placed one after another. This idea was a lot less time consuming and would producing an equally if not better effect.

I knew I’d need to do a lot of back up work for this in order that when I returned to Luton I could start shooting my video straight away, and also leave time to add sound.


This morning I have conducted a series of simple photographic experimentation to do with my stop motion video. I took my camera into my garden and done the same walking cycle three times. The first time I took a photo at one second intervals, the second at two second intervals and the last at five second intervals. I really wanted to see what effect I could produce before deciding which intervals I would use on my final stop motion video.

I uploaded all my images into Windows movie maker and started to create the videos. After having our class on Premiere Pro and using stop motion then, I thought this would be quite simple to do.



Here are my videos:

My first video came out well. I am not one hundred percent pleased with the outcome just purely because of the fact the blurry photos do make it so the whole video is blurry. Maybe my next experiment after completing the videos is to slow the whole thing down and see what effect I get. Here is put a 0.10 second gap between each photo which was taken at a one second interval.

Another issue is that it is only 12 seconds long and  this could be too short, for my final video piece I would definitely try and make my walk longer in order that the video length is increased.

I am a lot happier with the outcome of my second experimental video. These photos were taken two seconds apart but are a lot clearer than my one second ones. I also only added 0.25 seconds between each picture which actually gave it a smoother effect. My only downside is that there is not as many photos and thats something I appreciate on the first video.

As an experiment I think the five second video was interesting to conduct, saying this the outcome did not come out how I would like to see my final video. However I was content with the timing between the pictures which was 0.25 seconds. I feel in my final video I like to show every step of the walk meaning that five seconds between each photo would be too long and not show enough space.

Overall I am happy with these experiments. They have definately given me a better insight of how I want my video to look. Next I think I will conduct experiement with more stability in my photos and also maybe try adding a human being to see what effect that would produce.




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