Today I had my second feedback session with the whole group. I got a lot of good advice which I am going to work on during the next week and come up with some solid ideas for my video. At the moment, with the advice I have been given I’m leaning towards a stop motion video involving not only the idea of urbanisation but also the idea of imprisionment. I’d like to look further into borders across countries and invisible barriers. I was told in the session that my photography is a strong point of mine, which I was really pleased about and its this reason that I would like to mix drawing and photography in my final outcome. After having this session I feel a lot more positive about my work and I’m motivated to work hard to achieve a solid and exciting outcome.

Here is my Powerpoint Presentation

Here are my notes to go with my Powerpoint:

_MG_8327 _MG_8328


Here is some of my work I showed in class:

I wanted to show some different types of barriers that would separate nature and urban. On the first two images, I cut up and existing photo of a barrier and placed it upon two rural settings. The aim of this was to show the cutting off of nature from the urban world, the line of separation. On the third image I did the opposite, I cut up coloured strips of paper and placed them across an urban landscape I had drawn. This added a pop of colour to my dreary landscape but also made a contrast from my other barrier photos. In this image, the colourful barrier is separating us from the black and white urban world.

_MG_8324 _MG_8325 _MG_8326



In our second workshop of Premiere Pro, we went over the basic skills we learnt in our previous session and mastered some new ones. After looking again at how to cut and import clips and photos, we were taught about the different tools along the side bar and how we would use them whilst making a clip. These included the Ripple Edit which allowed us to make the clip shorter without changing any of the other clips, the Rolling Edit which would effect more than one clip and the Rate Stretch Tool which makes clips longer or shorter. We also explored the use of key frames and how they could help us to get a different effect on one clip (ie: making the clip darker and lighter in certain spots). When we had constructed a series of clips and photos, Anna showed us again how we could add effects, transitions and titles. I know these skills will be really useful when creating my final video.

During my Premiere Workshop, this was the video I created:






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