On Monday, we had another drawing workshop with Hannah as part of our viscom sessions.

We started out by doing our regular warm up exercises : a one minute, five minute and ten minute drawing of the person opposite us. I feel these drawings are strong and I am happy that I can see a change each week in improving my skills.

Here are my drawings:

_MG_8308 edit _MG_8309 edit _MG_8310 edit

Next we did another longer figure study in groups. I am pleased with the drawings I have created, this time using pencil, and feel it makes a change from the colours in my sketchbook last week. I did not draw faces on my figures, I wanted to concentrate on their body position and how that conveys body language. I feel this exercise went really well and I am always eager to improve on my existing skills as a drawer.

Here are my figure drawings:

_MG_8314 edit _MG_8311 edit _MG_8312 edit _MG_8313 edit


This week we looked at an artist called Claude Heath who does a lot of blind drawings. In one of his studies he looks at plants and today that is what we did too.

image06 thumb_euc

(Source both images: http://www.claudeheath.com/)

We set up our paper to do a blind drawing and we had a vase of flowers in front of us. Firstly we had to draw the flowers without looking, this was particularly challenging as I also chose to incorporate colour into my piece. However for a first try I feel the outcome looked quite good and ressembed somewhat the works of Heath. After doing this we took the time to draw the flowers again but this time looking at our paper, however we had to have two pens in both hands and draw at the same time using both hands. I found this exercise not too difficult as I do a lot with my right hand even though I am left handed. I was proud of the small piece I had created however next time I would like to do something a bit more abstract.

Here are my drawings:

_MG_8322 _MG_8323


To finish off the session we went into the campus centre to draw some human figures in motion.  I always find this a challenging task both mentally and through drawing as it is hard to concentrate of moving people and then draw them in movement. I had a go with both moving stick figures, moving limbs and also I drew people who were still. The pencil drawings that I liked I started to mix with pen to create an effect that would stand out more.

Here are my drawings from the campus centre:

_MG_8315 edit _MG_8318 edit _MG_8317 edit _MG_8316 edit


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