On Monday, we undertook another drawing workshop. We started off by doing our usual warm up practices which involved three drawings of the person sitting opposite us . All of our drawings were timed, the first one was a minute, then the next one five minutes and lastly one of ten minutes. Looking back on my previous warm up drawings, I can actually see how I have improved since the beginning of the year! This is a real confidence boost for me because I know if I keep drawing I will get stronger and stronger.

Here are my human face studies:

_MG_8303 edit _MG_8304 edit _MG_8305 edit


Next we were each asked to rip off a piece of foil and do a study of the foil in pencil. I found this excercise extemely challenging but also interesting and inticicate. The hardest part was the fact we had to create it only using dots and dashes, something I had never tried before. I had fun creating this piece and I am proud of the final piece I have achieved. I would like to improve on drawing with dots and dashes because I think it is an exciting way to work !

Here is my foil study:

WP_20140317_004 (1)

_MG_8306 edit


After doing this we did a brief figure study in groups. I chose to do mine with colour pen and overlap all my drawings. I really like my drawing of Rob (pink) because although he did not have a face, I still felt I capture quite a lot of his personality in my drawing. Much alike the face drawings I feel as though I have got stronger in my figure drawing too.

Here is my figure drawing study:

_MG_8307 edit


At the end of the session, we had a detailed artist talk by a MA student, Emma, who comes to help out in our class. I not only found this talk interesting but also really inspiring too. I saw how Emma pushed her boundaries and discovered new way of creating different pieces and I would really like to get this out of my degree as well. Two of the pieces that really caught my eye were her collection of manipulated photographs which I thought were really cleverly done by using corrosive fluids to create different colours in the photo and also her drawings.I was taken by her drawings because you could see how hard she had worked on them and how much effort she had invested in her work. It made me want to continue in my drawing and I only hope that one day I can be as skilled as her.



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