This week I decided to concentrate more on the logistics of my outcome, therefore my finished video outcome.

My first scenario idea, tackles the urbanisation phenomenon. This phenomenon is a growing concern in today’s actuality with worries about the impact on the rural area and life in the rural villages. My scenario shows a man who walks to work every day on a pathway next to a field. Although there is a fence to show a boundary, the gate is open, welcoming people to walk in this rural area. Time passes and one day a sign is put up saying business park coming soon. Horrified the man starts to get upset, knowing the rural area can only last so much longer. Bit by bit the construction begins and every morning and evening the man becomes more and more upset. When the park is finished being built the man realised he is being overtaken by his sadness and decides to leave the city so he can once again walk to work in a rural environment. However shortly after starting his new life another sign gets put up in the rural field next to his house. He walks off the page, feeling defeated.

I wanted to create this scenario because I feel urbanisation is something that is currently a big issue. The population of the world is increasing and therefore the necessity for more urban spaces is greater: Not only for habitation but also for employment.I then opened my research and came across a page on The Guardian website that had a collection of articles based around urbanisation. I looked at two of these, the first being about what our cities would sound like in the future. I found this one very insightful because I know I would like my video to have some basic sound and noise that I would like to enhance it with. I also found this article interesting to read as it did help me gather some more ideas for my scenario. The next article I looked at was a study at the University of Waterloo in Canada which looked at how cities and humans interact. Although this one was not as insightful for my project, it is a good point of reference for the variety of urban spaces.

Overall the reality is that people are slowly flooding to the cities and according to the Guardian newspaper in 2050; 70% of the worlds population will live in the urban setting.

My scenario will be in the form of a stop motion video. I have decided upon stop motion because I think it is a exciting way of working which I have briefly experimented with but would like to gain more knowledge of. I have not currently decided which medium I will be working in, I am leaning towards purely drawing but I may add in some photography depending on what my outcome looks like. I would like to mix both medium to show off my photography skills however I feel the simplicity of drawing may enhance my point about urbanisation stronger than a mix medium piece.

I recently elected to add some basic sounds to my video such as the footsteps of the man walking and the sounds of the construction. This would actually reinforce the contrast between urban and rural that I intend to expose. If I used some sound I feel it would show my wide range of skills which could only improve my final outcome.

At the moment this task seems challenging, however I am determined to create this video as the final outcome could potentially be very strong and convey a powerful message in a easy to understand way.


I started to experiment for my stop motion video and the mediums I could use. I drew my first scene on a piece of A6 paper. Happy with the outcome, I decided that it would be simpler to draw my stick man separately to my background, that way he would be easier to manipulate. As I started this idea rolling I found it was really easier said than done, my idea of a stop motion could be tricky and drawing it could take hours. With this in mind I started to think about either using a whiteboard, or maybe photographic backgrounds. I would like to experiment further with this before settling on one idea.






Article on what our cities will sound like in the future: http://www.theguardian.com/cities/2014/mar/13/sounds-city-technology-urban-centres-peaceful

Video on a study about how cities and humans interact : http://www.theguardian.com/cities/video/2014/feb/04/cities-humans-interact-study-video

Welcome to our urban, past, present and future article: http://www.theguardian.com/cities/2014/jan/27/guardian-cities-site-urban-future-dwell-human-history-welcome


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