Taking into consideration my feedback from my presentation, I decided to take a walk around Luton and focusing on the colours and boundaries in the town. My walk took me quite far in a loop around all the major parts of the town centre, it was a sunny day so all my photos came out vibrant and clear which was what I wanted! My main aim was to gather a lot of photographic material to see what I could work with, my walk also helped me to discover Luton more and now I am more confident in finding the footage that I want with the knowledge of where to find it.

Here are a selection of my photos that I edited using Photoshop. This week I also got the opportunity to learn how to use Photoshop better by conducting experiments with my own photos. I learnt how to use the Magnetic Lasso and Layers to bring out one certain colour in my photos, I also looked at how saturation and contrast can enhance a photo.

Photos in Red:

_MG_8061 edit _MG_8180 edit Edit

Photos in Orange:

_MG_8164 edit _MG_8227 edt _MG_8230 edit

Photos in Yellow:

_MG_8082 edit _MG_8093 edit _MG_8154 edit

Photos in Green:

_MG_8077 edit _MG_8108 edit edit

Photos in Blue:

_MG_8083 edit

_MG_8087 edit _MG_8142 edit

Photos in Purple:

_MG_8228 edot _MG_8157 edit _MG_8111 edit

I really enjoyed taking my colour based photos, I feel it helped me to explore further the theme of Psycho geography and how I pay attention to my surroundings. I loved keeping an eye out for my colours and how they fitted into my surroundings. Next time I go out walking I’d like to concentrate more on video and possibly sound as well.

Here are some photos I took of some boundaries on my walk.

_MG_8068 _MG_8074 _MG_8169 _MG_8184 _MG_8219

In further developing my project, I would like to look at the colours in my photos of boundaries to see if I can not mix the two ideas. The aim of this would be to highlight the aspect of danger in the boundaries but add a playful aspect in which one colour is brought out. I have briefly started this in my previous photos here but throughout this week I would like to continue and see what I am capable of.


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