Our week task was to do a presentation about our idea linking in with Psychogeography.

Here is a my powerpoint presentation : About Time

And here are the accompanying notes : Powerpoint presentation notes

My ideas were overall well received! The group suggested I combine the ideas of line, tone and form with colour and boundaries. I was advised to look at playgrounds and how colour appears to different ages, and also to look at colour in general in the city. I was told to gather lots of material in order to further develop my project.

In the afternoon we were given a stop motion class by Sylvia and Hannah. I never knew how professional a stop motion video could look and the kind of effects it could have on people. Sylvia introduced us to an artist called PES, who’s stop motion video “Western Spagetti” won two awards. This video really intrigued me about how stop motion really has no boundaries and can look clean cut if you do it well. This started me thinking about how I could use stop motion in my final outcome.

As a group we created out own stop motion, we learnt how stop motion works and how we would set up a camera if we wanted to make this outcome. Our idea was to make a clay elephant pursue an oreo. In all we took 100 photos that gave us a clip of around 10 seconds long. It was a lot of work for only a short clip. We also got to add in some music on top of the clip. The clip was created very simple with Premiere Pro, the photos only needed importing and putting on the video line in order to create a stop motion.

Here is our Stop Motion Video, Elephant Munchies



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