Our next Viscom drawing workshop was based around drawing white objects. We each were asked to bring in three white objects of our choice, I chose a cotton bud, a tissue and my white lace dress.

Firstly we drew using a pencil. The aim was to draw in the shadow of the object without including any form to the object so we could not construct the outline of the shape. I found this quite a hard task to do, as I had chosen the lace dress it had quite a few holes in it and I thought by building these up I could create the overall form. However this did not work out as planned as it was highly time consuming. Hannah then suggested I start shading where I see light and dark on the fabric. This helped me a lot and I was happier with what I produced. Although my outcome does not look like a dress, I feel if I had more time working on it, I could create a better looking final piece.


Next we started with a piece of paper covered in black charcoal. From this we used white chalk and smudging to remove the charcoal and draw in some white lines so we were left with our white object. I found this a lot more challenging than the pencil as I find charcoal a harder medium to work in. However when drawing my tissue, the lines I created were uncomplicated and flowing, something I feel I achieve quite well. I preferred to smudge my charcoal rather than use the chalk and I would have liked to work back into my work using charcoal to show the dark areas. Overall I am happy with my piece, but I think I could have achieved a stronger outcome.



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